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Ranging from health care to restaurants, here are a few of our projects.
Some for clients, some our own products.

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    Web design, Apps
    Date : March 2012
    Client : ontometrics
    Categories : Web Design, Apps

    The Challenge

    After much reading about Vitamin D, the idea was hatched to make an app that would help people keep on top of how much they were getting when getting safe sun exposure, and what their likely level was.

    The Solution

    Make an app that could get satellite information from the phone to figure out where on the planet the subject was and construct the solar forecast, then make it possible to track how much D (s)he was getting for each minute outside and estimate how much it would move the overall level.

    Not long after it was released, it came to the attention of the world's leading authority on Vitamin D, Dr. Michael Holick, and a partnership was forged.

    Travel Inception

    Web design, Apps
    Date : December 2012
    Client : Amex
    Categories : Web design, Apps

    The Challenge

    Make a tool that people could carry around that would help them zero in on things to do when traveling.

    Using web or the native tablet app, people could find things based on their interests and throw them into an itinerary that they could work on before taking a trip.


    Web design, Apps
    Date : 2010-present
    Client : Oppmetrix, Inc.
    Categories : Web design, Apps

    The Challenge

    At the peak of the government's putting contracts and grants out for bids, as many as 5000 new opportunities show up per day. Especially small players don't have time to go through all them to see if there are items they might be interested in.

    The Solution

    A (Bayesian) predictor that scores each opportunity for each member, making sure that time is spent on the most valuable items first.

    The Result

    System was originally developed for Contracts and was then adapted to Grants and has been in production ever since.

    Readmissions Predictor

    Web design
    Date : 2011
    Client : Blue Cross of Kansas City
    Categories : Web Design

    The Challenge

    Part of the Affordable Care Act was an announcement that the government would be trying to get control of readmissions.

    The Solution

    Build an application that can import admissions data from any patient population and create a predictor that could tell us, on a case-by-case basis, which people who are currently being cared for are most likely to be readmissions risks.

    The Result

    Ten years of admissions data turned up a lot of interesting information about who was readmitting, when, and why. For other issues, studies were done, but a study is a one-time look at a static set of data. The application trained on the data it was given, therefore it could be used in different demographic areas and during different time periods.

    JSONCoding - JSON Serialization for Objective C

    Date : June 2010
    Categories : Programming
    Website : on GitHub

    The Challenge

    Serializing CoreData models and sending them over the wire as JSON was painstaking and the existing tools were messy, did not use the NSCoding protocol in Cocoa.

    The Solution

    To provide a JSON-based encoder an decoder so once it was plugged in, domain classes could simply implement the NSCoding protocol, never write a line of JSON, and the object graph would be written out and read back in again.

    PayTeller Android

    Date : ongoing
    Client : PayTeller
    Categories : Apps

    The Challenge

    Develop a native android app to speed the process of using payment machines.


    Date : December 2010
    Client : Dishapedia
    Categories : Apps
    Website : Dishapedia

    The App

    dishapedia allows you to browse and share dishes in your area. Find the best restaurant for what you're craving, or find what restaurant will work for everyone's preference in a large group of people. Set your diet and by just adding dishes to your meal, our system recognizes your preferences and produces better recommendations. dishapedia also allows connections through Bluetooth to instantaneously share dishes and meals. You can also follow restaurants to view recently entered dishes, and also share your dishes or meals with people within or outside of the app.

    Employee Satisfaction Reporting

    Web design, Apps
    Date : 2005-2008
    Client : MarketMetrix
    Categories : Web design, Apps
    Website : www.oppmetrix.com

    The Challenge

    To provide an end-to-end system for running the employee satisfaction practice.

    The Solution

    A portal for the management of clients, reports, etc. System for generating books of reports from client data. Still in use.

    The Technology

    Java EE solution built with Hibernate and Spring.

    Keystroke Dynamics Implementation

    Web design, Apps
    Date : 2009-2011
    Client : Biometrics startup
    Categories : Web design, Apps
    Technology : Java

    The Challenge

    To rewrite a C codebase in Java, increasing interoperability and performance.

    The Solution

    Implementation of a Bayes inference engine that classified typing samples by characteristics like flight time, hold time, etc. Logic was introduced that allowed us to figure out who was authenticating before the credential typing was complete so that we were not loading the sample data while the system/user were waiting for a decision.

    The Technology


    Medicare Program Optimizer

    Web design, Apps
    Date : 2005
    Client : Health Care startup
    Categories : Web design, Apps
    Technology : Java

    The Challenge

    Company had a huge list of people to call and a short amount of time to sign up as many people as possible.

    The Solution

    We wrote a predictor that each night would train on all the to date results, then predict the likelihood of interest of everyone remaining to be called so that focus was constantly on the people who were most likely to say yes.

    The Technology


    • I love your D Minder app but, could you please make a version for Android devices? My iPod touch is old and tired. I would really like to have this app on my phone.


    • I am highly obsessed with your app and have recommended it to a lot of other people...

      Viren (in India)

    • Hello. I am most impressed with the new UI - congrats. Have been using dminder for two years now and use it summer and winter ( lots of supplementing ) to monitor my D. It's one of the apps I live by.

      Kevin (in San Francisco)

    • Great app works well!

      Colin (in Australia)

    • FYI just checked my D. 71 the blood test, 77 on the app. Pretty good.

      Ward (in Australia)

    About Us

    We are a small team of developers who have worked together on many projects.
    We are distributed across several countries, allowing around the clock progress with continuous collaboration.
    We do iterative development (Agile), particularly using Lean and Kanban/Scrumban. Lately, we have been using tools that keep us focused on delivering pieces in very tight cycles, reaching Continuous Delivery where we release some times many times per day.
    The role of the Customer is critical in Agile. We work closely with online chats, screenshots, screencasts, as we build.
    Lately, we've been using Boostrap to deliver beautiful looking products from day one.

    Rob Williams
    Rob has more than 20 years of experience with 100% involvement with product development.
    He has worked in many entrepreneurial environments.
    Rob was also an author on Akka in Action which is introducing Akka with its Actor Programming model and its advanced support for concurrency and fault tolerance.


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